Hello, Solon Springs and Gordon Residents!

Astrea's blazing-fast, fiber to the home Internet is coming to your neighborhood!

The Solon Springs and Gordon Build

Solon Springs and Gordon to become next Astrea gigabyte internet community.

Astrea, a division of CCI Systems, Inc. has been awarded funds through a Wisconsin Public Service grant, to bring fiber to the home internet to the Solon Springs and Gordon communities. Upon completion, these communities will have access to internet speeds ranging from 50mbps to 1 Gig available to them. Construction is anticipated to be completed by the late 2021 in Solon Springs and early 2022 in Gordon.

These speeds have never been available in Solon Springs and Gordon before and residents will soon have access to all the things they love from the comfort of their homes. Astrea is accepting early scheduling of installation for those that want to secure their internet plan before construction is complete. 

“We are extremely excited to add Solon Springs and Gordon to the list of Gigabit communities we serve,” said Cory Heigl, Vice President of Astrea. “Our mission is to bring superior internet service to our rural communities that are often forgotten by larger providers. We continue to invest in bringing faster speeds to our rural markets including the launch of Gigabit speeds in additional communities such as Solon Springs and Gordon this year” said Heigl.

Construction planning has already begun and the residents of Solon Springs and Gordon can look forward to unparalleled internet speeds in the coming months. The internet offerings in this area were made possible through a Wisconsin Public Service grant awarded to Astrea to bring fast, reliable internet to the communities of Solon Springs and Gordon. These speeds, along with an Adaptive WiFi™ solution, will allow customers to enjoy an internet connection that is typically only found in big cities. With the availability of up to 1 Gig, Astrea customers will have better access to work and school from home, shop, stay in touch with friends, games, and enjoy online entertainment options.

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Product Offerings

Astrea has high-speed, fiber to the home Internet plans that can fit the needs of any home. Speeds ranging from 50 mbps all the way up to 1Gig.


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Who we are.

High-speed Internet, TV and Phone for people who choose small-town living.

Falling asleep to crickets instead of police sirens has always meant tradeoffs with connectivity. Until now.

Astrea builds and maintains broadband Internet infrastructure exclusively for small-town families and businesses. People in Crystal Falls and Lake Noquebay can get the same hyper-fast connectivity as people in Chicago. At last, you can:

  • FaceTime parents without awkward buffering
  • Share videos of your dog without endless lagging
  • Find a job, stream music and online shop all at once in real time (no ebay freezeouts!)
  • Access email, download attachments and update apps for school and work
  • Eagle-eye live sports and weather radar
  • Stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and YouTube

You chose this life to stay close to the things you love. It’s on us to keep you connected to the things that move you forward. We won’t let you down.

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Astrea Juice

Say goodbye to dead spots and spotty signal!
Astrea Juice works by reducing and rerouting the congestion on your home network. It reallocates bandwidth, meaning you won't have to reroute your family. Just plug it in, connect and get online in every room of your house!



Frequently Asked Questions

It is anticipated that Astrea will begin offering high-speed internet in the Solon Springs community by the end of 2021 and in Gordon by the spring of 2022.

Green Lake properties will have access to unprecedented rural internet speed offerings ranging from 50mbps up to 1G that will enable virtual work, healthcare and schooling. In addition, with a direct fiber connection to the home, residents will enjoy a dedicated connection experience that ensures speed consistency compared to other types of broadband connections.
At this time, fiber internet is the only service being brought to Green Lake. However, each plan will be equipped with our Adaptive WiFi™ solution, Astrea Juice®. 

As Astrea continues to keep our customers connected to essential services while protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers, we are making temporary adjustments to our installation & support procedures to limit the amount of time Astrea technicians spend in  our customers' homes.

Installations and support deemed “essential" will continue. To limit the time in a customer home, Astrea will be delaying the installation & support of certain “non-essential" items until COVID restrictions have been lifted. A listing of essential vs non-essential work is noted below:


Installations & Support

– Internet installations & maintenance to ensure a stable internet connection at the point where the cable physically enters the home/structure

– TV installations & maintenance to the main television in the home

– Phone installations & maintenance to a known working modem

– New TIVO installations 

– Installation & support of multiple HD boxes

– Multi-room TV installations


Procedures Not Supported At This Time

– Modem relocation

– TIVO support for secondary TV units

– Additional outlets

Procedures not supported at this time will be completed once the COVID restrictions have been lifted and there will be no additional fees incurred by the customer.

While essential installation and support work is being done in the home, Astrea asks that the customer keep the work area clear of unneeded obstructions (ex. toys, plants, etc.) to limit contact with these items. In addition, it is requested that only 1 person be present in the room during the installation.

For installation and/or service order work, Astrea field technicians have been provided comprehensive cleaning and sanitization protocols that they are following before and after leaving a home or business.

In addition, to protect our field employees, we are conducting verbal screening procedures with customers prior to scheduling work to verify exposure risk. We appreciate your cooperation and honesty in this effort if you do need installation or service assistance. 

Finally, COD payments will no longer be accepted by a field technician. Customers will have the option of making payments via the customer portal online bill payment, with a sales agent or by mailing in a check. 

Astrea, a division of CCI Systems, Inc., is headquartered in Iron Mountain, MI and is 100% employee owned. Astrea helps connect over 60 small communities, throughout Wisconsin & Michigan to family, healthcare, work, education, and entertainment by providing high-speed internet along with TV and Phone services.

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