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Astrea is excited to service Platteville with high-speed fiber to the home Internet!

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Construction Updates

A little under two years since we began, construction on our new fiber network in Platteville is complete! Additional locations were built near the end - please check the map above for final coverage. We are also closing in on 900 customers installed already, which is both exciting & humbling. Thank you to everyone in Platteville for your support in this massive project! We look forward to serving you with better fiber Internet.

As our construction in Platteville continues to move forward, you have probably noticed large equipment and signs of construction on various blocks as we work to connect Platteville’s downtown district. We are nearing completion in this area and we are anticipating construction to wrap up in approximately a month. 

If you have questions regarding construction, email pc@astreaconnect.com.

If you have questions regarding business service, contact businesssales@astreaconnect.com

We continue to make progress in Platteville! Our construction crews have been busy building since the ground thawed and our technician teams’ schedule is filling up with installations for new customers. Despite the busy spring, we’re continuing to push forward and are still scheduling installations and completing construction for new areas.

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We've got big news for Platteville!

As we have gotten closer and closer to warmer weather, we are excited to announce that we are anticipating construction to be complete by the end of this summer!
What does that mean for you? We’re now scheduling in all areas! 

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"...already proving to be a positive experience." - Jeff H.
"...what [Astrea] offers is far superior [to] what I was getting." - Jason T.
"Customer support is top-notch." - Josh S.

Construction and installations continue to move along despite the weather!

MicrosoftTeams-image (4) MicrosoftTeams-image (5) MicrosoftTeams-image (3) MicrosoftTeams-image (2) 

Be on the lookout for exciting news about a significant milestone we’re about to reach!

Despite some supply chain delays, we have had a great season overall building and connecting neighborhoods in Platteville. Even though the ground is now frozen, we are still actively planning and preparing for our continued construction in the spring.

We have also launched a map to help show you which roads and neighborhoods are ready to connect Astrea service and which ones are on the way! Check out the map below to see where your home is in our construction process!

Green: Available Now
Yellow: Coming in Early 2023
Orange: Coming Soon


Astrea is happy to announce that after a few hurdles and supply chain issues, we are back on track to bring service to over a 1,000 homes in Platteville in the next 6 months.

As we work to build new infrastructure, it’s necessary for us to place sections of fiber underground and establish equipment within the right of way on certain properties. If you observe a new stake placed in your yard, it indicates the planned placement of new equipment.

We’ll be sure to restore any damage to the soil and grass as soon as we’re able to. This timing depends on weather conditions and material availability, but please know that we will be cleaning up the mess. Once we do, it’ll be like we were never there at all. Restoration after construction is something our contractors take great pride in.

Here are a few tips to keep the grass looking great after we restore where we built:

  1. Do not mow right away. Allow the new grass to get settled and establish roots.
  2. Don’t mow the grass too short. Keeping the grass a little longer reduces the stress on the grass.
  3. Water regularly. Keeping the area properly watered will help with growth.
  4. Don’t walk on the new grass until after the first mowing.

Last week, Astrea team members had the pleasure of visiting our newest service area: Platteville, WI! Construction in the area is ongoing, and we were able to share updates on the progress and tell everyone a little bit more about who we are.

We enjoyed attending Good Morning Platteville and meeting with staff from the Platteville Regional Chamber, The Platteville Journal, and QueenB Radio!



Construction crews continue to build infrastructure in Southwest Platteville, and installation pre-scheduling for May will begin next week for those in that area. If you live in that area and receive a flyer or postcard from Astrea, please re-enter your information here to let us know you'd like to schedule an installation. 

Progress in other areas of town will take a bit longer due to supply chain constraints. While we hope to see a resolution soon, until key materials are secured we will be unable to share additional availability timeframes.


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We continue to make progress on the fiber Internet build in Platteville. Construction crews are active in various parts of the community breaking ground and moving the project forward.

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Construction in Platteville has begun!

We are so excited to announce that we’ve begun construction in Platteville to bring you a reliable, super-fast fiber internet connection! As we receive updates from our construction team, we’ll continue to update this page.

About the Project

Astrea builds new fiber throughout Platteville.

Residents and businesses in Platteville, WI can look forward to cutting edge fiber Internet service from Astrea coming in 2022. Astrea, based in Iron Mountain, MI, has planned a significant investment in broadband infrastructure, which will connect over 4,000 commercial and residential addresses throughout Platteville. 
“Astrea is excited to invest in the Platteville community,” states Cory Heigl, Vice President of Astrea. “Over the next several months we will be building an extremely reliable and robust fiber network throughout the community,” Cory continues. “It is rare that a community of Platteville’s size, that there isn’t a competitive option for internet services, and we are committed to do just that.”
Astrea is in the final stages of engineering and is actively applying for the necessary permits to place the new fiber optic infrastructure. Soon the construction crews will be working throughout town installing the system. “Reliability is crucial,” explains Aaron Burbey, Senior Director of Operations “People depend on connectivity, and when they need help, they expect us to be ready”  
More information will be released in the coming weeks & months, including timeframes, and when jobs will be available. 
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Product Offerings

Astrea will deliver high-speed fiber Internet options that can fit the needs of any home. Specialized speed and pricing will be made available for Platteville with more details to come!


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Current Job Opportunties with Astrea & CCI Systems

Ask any employee why they work at Astrea, and they’ll fight back tears as they talk about connecting children to homework, families to work and entertainment, and communities to healthcare.
This is bigger than routers and index cards containing WiFi passwords – all of us at Astrea believe that no matter who you are or where you live, human connection should never be out of reach.
We take what we do extremely seriously, and work hard to remove the bureaucracy and inflexibility so many Internet providers put into the world.
Check back for opportunities in Platteville!

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The reason we are able to service such remote stretches of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is because of CCI System’s amazing infrastructure support.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Astrea will offer fiber to the home Internet connections in Platteville with speeds up to 1 Gbps that will enable virtual work, healthcare and schooling. In addition, with a direct fiber connection to the home, Platteville residents will enjoy a dedicated connection experience that ensures speed consistency compared to other types of broadband connections.
Astrea will provide direct sales & support of the services offered to Platteville residents. Please visit our pre-registration page to secure your place in line for installation (no commitment required).

Astrea currently helps connect over 60 small communities throughout Wisconsin and Michigan to family, healthcare, work, education, and entertainment by providing high-speed internet along with TV and Phone services. Astrea has built an extensive infrastructure that offers Astrea communities unprecedented rural internet speed offerings ranging from 50 Mbps up to 1 Gig.  

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