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Founded in 2007, Astrea is headquartered in Iron Mountain, MI and services over 60 small communities throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with Internet, TV and Phone services. Astrea has a proven track record of making significant investments in their communities to provide superior high-speed internet services. Recent investments include bringing minimum internet speed offerings of 100 Mbps to all Astrea internet markets. Nearly all service locations can access speeds up to 1 Gig including communities like Cedarville, Hessel, and Pickford which are located just to the north of Lewiston in the U.P. Astrea also services Mackinac Island! Astrea continues to invest in the Lewiston community as well.


The addition of your community extends our footprint and our mission to bring ultra-high-speed internet to customers who choose small-town living. Our mission is simple. We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice connectivity based on where you live, and we are committed to keeping you connected to the things you love.  We do this by being reliable, being responsive and making life better.  

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With the switch to the Astrea family, we know you may have a few questions about doing business with us.

Invoices received and pricing changes made prior to January 18th from Lewiston Communications should continue to be paid as you have in the past (including your February invoice generated on January 15th). The rates that you are paying to Lewiston Communications will be transferred to Astrea. If there is any change in billing rates after January 18th, you would be notified at least 30 days prior which is our business policy with all our Astrea customers.

The billing cycle for Astrea is as follows. Billing is charged from the 20th of the month through the 19th of the following month. Your actual bill will be due on the 30th of the month, you will receive this bill around the 10th of each month. We have created videos that further explain our billing process and portal access. You can access those on our website by visiting My Astrea/Account Management or via this link: https://astreaconnect.com/account-management/

You will receive your last invoice from Lewiston Communications around January 15th, 2021 for service dates February 1st to February 28th. Astrea’s billing cycle runs from the 20th of the month to the 19th of the following month (as stated above). Due to the overlap of our billing cycles, you will receive your first invoice from Astrea around February 10th for service dates of March 1st to March 19th . The due date for this first invoice will be February 28th.   After this first transition of billing you will then be invoiced for the full service period starting March 20th to April 19th.

Rule of Thumb: Invoices received from Lewiston Communications should be remitted to Lewiston Communications - Invoices received from Astrea should be remitted to Astrea.

Note: there will be a $1 Paper invoice fee added to your invoice, if you would like to be a green customer, we will help you get set up with electronic invoicing and we will happily waive that first $1.

You can also pay your bill with Astrea online at astreaconnect.com/account-management/ or we offer the option to mail in your payment or pay by phone. Additional information on payment options will be noted on your billing statement.

Please note that our billing remittance address is:


PO BOX 857233

Minneapolis, MN 55485-7233

If you have automatic payments set up to pay your current Lewiston Communications bill, that information will not be transferred over into our system to protect your security. We suggest that you cancel out your current payment method with Lewiston Communication after your last billing cycle with Lewiston. In the coming weeks, Astrea will be sending an email (if a valid email address is available) with instructions to set up your new customer portal along with instructions to set up a new security password.

In preparation, the following payment options are available with Astrea:

By mail: check or money order

Online: Credit card or ACH

Phone via Secure pay option: Credit Card or ACH (will need account number to process)

As always, we offer automatic payments for your convenience

Bank drop off payments: Today, you can make a payment to Community Financial Credit Union, you will be able to use this payment method through your last invoice issued by Lewiston Communications for February Services. Beginning for March services, you will need to utilize one of our other payment methods listed above.

In January, you will receive a letter with your new account number and security number along with instructions on getting registered for your online portal to be ready for your first billing with Astrea. Once you have your account code and security number in hand, signing up for the portal takes less than 2 minutes. Visit “My Astrea” on astreaconnect.com and then select “Pay Bill”. Click “Register”. Enter your name, email, security code and account number. You’ll receive an email with a link to create a password and log in. After completing those steps, you will now have access to the Astrea customer portal!

Note: Your account information will not populate until February 10th. After this date, you can view your invoices. At any time, you can set up paperless invoicing, payment methods, and even communicate with an agent through the portal.


Astrea offers 24/7 technical support. On January 18th, Astrea will take over all support and operations of the services provided by Lewiston Communications. If you have a service-related issue on or after this date, please contact us to speak with an Astrea Customer Advocate who will assist you further with troubleshooting or will schedule a service technician visit. You can also visit astreaconnect.com and chat with us online during normal business hours (Monday – Friday; 8am – 6pm CST).

 Astrea also offers an account portal where you can submit a service ticket. Our Customer Advocates are continuously monitoring this portal and will work on submitted requests saving you time on the phone. You can even check back into the portal for ticket status updates. Please see the information above regarding account information changes to learn more about registering for this portal.

Internet Services

We will maintain your current level of subscribed services for internet services as of January 18th. No changes in equipment will be needed at this time and you should not experience any connectivity changes except for a potential complimentary speed increase as we align speed packages to our system.

However, per our mission, it is our intention to soon invest in your community by creating an infrastructure that allows for internet speeds that typically can only be found in big cities. As project completion dates are available, we will be connecting with you to share additional information.

Lewiston Issued Email Address

If you are currently using an @lewistoncomm.com email address, this email address will become inactive on March 1st, 2021. When this happens, you will no longer have access to that email account. In preparation for this change, we recommend that you make sure to save or forward any emails you wish to retain through an alternative account. We can provide you with a new Astrea email address or we recommend switching to @gmail.com or similar email. Our team can provide you with additional information on this option by calling 800-236-8434 or by email hello@astreaconnect.com.

Cable TV Services

If you have TV services, the only change will be regarding the channels offered. Astrea does not currently have a Viacom, Trinity, or Canadian Broadcast Channel (CBC) contract. Without this contract, we are unable to offer the following channels: TBN, CBC, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, TV Land, Paramount, CMT, VH-1, MTV and BET. These channel changes will take place within 30 days following the acquisition date of January 18th.

Phone Services

If you have phone services with Lewiston Communication, services will be continued with Astrea as of January 18th without any planned service disruption.

If you are currently away for the season, your account will continue to reside in a Seasonal active status until the date that you have previously submitted to Lewiston or the seasonal active period expires. If you need to reactivate your service before that, simply call 800-236-8434, or submit the seasonal request form on the “My Astrea” page, and we will be work with you at that time to restore your services.

This program is unique to Lewiston Communications, Astrea will provide information on our Seasonal programs through email, on our website, or by chatting with an agent. For this Winter/Spring, Astrea is honoring the Lewiston Communications Active Seasonal Program.

Need more assistance?

We understand you may have additional questions that haven't been answered above. You can reach us by calling (800) 236-8434 or fill out the form below.


From the entire team, welcome to Astrea.

High-speed Internet for people who choose small-town living.

Effective January 18, 2021, Astrea officially took over service operations to provide Internet services to the Lewiston community. The Astrea team is very excited to be able to service you and we welcome you to our growing network of over 60 small communities throughout Michigan and Wisconsin.


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