Take control of your connection with Astrea Diagnose

Why Astrea Diagnose

You’ll get real time intel on the speeds you’re device is currently receiving and a quick evaluation on your connection health. After completing a scan of your network, you’ll receive personalized feedback on where to make improvements to better your experience.

With Astrea Diagnose you’ll be able to check your network health on your own and receive instant results. And if you do need to call or chat with us, there won’t be anymore “guess and check” troubleshooting. Astrea Diagnose saves everyone time so you can go back to doing what you love on a connection that won’t quit. 

Even better? This app is completely free for our customers. We just want to ensure you have the best experience you can with an Astrea connection.


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Astrea Diagnose Features

Instead of calling or chatting in and playing 20 questions with our Customer Advocates, we’ll have a better look than ever before to help get right to the point in troubleshooting your connection, saving you time and making life better.

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Test your network health.

Run a network scan to instantly receive the download and upload speeds you’re currently receiving and get personalized network improvement feedback.

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Run a router check.

Run a router check to allow our customer advocates to view settings on your router and make any suggested changes to improve your connection. Then, as soon as you stop sharing, we’re logged out.

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Send photos to our team.

You’ll be able to send a photo instantly within the app and we’ll be able to take a look, make comments on the photo to show you where the issue may be and send it back to you.

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Share video with our team.

You can start a live video with us so we can walk you through specific steps. We can also screenshot and mark these up and send back to you instantly. (psst, don’t worry, your videos are never recorded for your privacy)

How to Download Astrea Diagnose

Available for Android and Apple devices, you can download Astrea Diagnose on either the Google Play Store or the App Store on Apple devices. Simply search for Astrea Diagnose and you should see our app among the results.

Hit download and you're on your way to taking control of your connection.

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